How second-wave of COVID-19 is pulverising India at a demonic pace

Cremation grounds working at full capacity

All of a sudden all of us were Covid positive.

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Also, a lesson in Altair python visualisations

This is an ancient technique. It’s called a power stance. You own the universe, so raise your goblet of rock; it’s a toast to those who rock. Now smile and nod your head and let me see your eyeballs wide like there’s something wrong.

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Her plants were not in good shape; Python, Streamlit, and machine learning came to rescue

Data exploration of migrants and their ultimate journeys

The past — a train journey

A counterargument of programmers getting obsolete given the advent of GPT by OpenAI

A story in frames! The image is produced employing context-free grammar, by means of which many phenomena in our universe are governed such as the growth of trees. The fact that nature can take something simple and can produce something complicated such as humans and animals is an indication that we are quite far away from that process for now as far as teaching the machines is concerned (Image by Author)

I merely wanted to have a decent conversation but GPT had other plans

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An intuitive introduction to Game Theory and Nash Equilibrium

Using Game Theory to resolve the restaurant selection conflict between two friends.

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Decoding the crusades of the statistics world — Bayesian vs Frequentism

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Bayesian linear regression in Python to quantify my sleeping time

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Management Consultant, Data Scientist. Interested in anything science, maths, startup principles, and film theory. I don’t use superlatives. Hi!

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